The NL VICTORY Softball Club are conducting tryouts for the 2020 Spring & Summer Seasons. There will be opportunities for AffiliateAcademySelect, and College Showcase teams. If you are not available to attend the scheduled tryouts, please contact our office to set up a time for a tryout.

Email:  info@nlsportsgroup.com     Office:  (214) 302-7698


FORMAT: Tryouts will be conducted in a combine/showcase format as well as team practices, giving multiple coaches an opportunity to evaluate each player. After completing the tryouts, the parents/guardians of each player will be contacted by phone or email to inform them of the results and possible next steps. Prior to the tryouts, each player must submit a Player Information & Waiver Form completed with parental/guardian consent (signatures required).


6U – 10U Nov 13th (Wed) 7pm – 8pm NLSG
11U – 14U Nov 13th (Wed) 8pm – 9pm NLSG
6U – 10U Nov 20th (Wed) 7pm – 8pm NLSG
11U – 14U Nov 20th (Wed) 8pm – 9pm NLSG
6U – 10U Nov 27th (Wed) 4pm – 5pm NLSG
11U – 14U Nov 27th (Wed) 5pm – 6pm NLSG
6U – 10U Dec 4th (Wed) 7pm – 8pm NLSG
11U – 14U Dec 4th (Wed) 8pm – 9pm NLSG
6U – 10U Dec 11th (Wed) 7pm – 8pm NLSG
11U – 14U Dec 11th (Wed) 8pm – 9pm NLSG
6U – 10U Dec 18th (Wed) 7pm – 8pm NLSG
11U – 14U Dec 18th (Wed) 8pm – 9pm NLSG
LOCATIONS: Next Level Sports Group
9876 Chartwell Dr
Dallas, TX 75243
Lake Highlands HS
9449 Church Rd
Dallas, TX 75238


 ……………………………….. $0
TEAM AGE DATE: …………………………….. April 30, 2020 – player’s age on this date
WHICH TRYOUTS YOU PLAN TO ATTEND:  Click Here – To send us a message.
COMPLETE & SUBMIT: ………………………. Player Information & Waiver Form
WHAT TO BRING? In addition to your gear, wear shorts or softball pants with a protective gear & cleats.  Be sure to bring a completed Player Information & Waiver Form or proof that it was submitted online.


Many programs and teams literally burn out their families and drive players away from the game. Many of them severely under serve the softball community due to their lack of focus on player development.  Fortunately, the Next Level VICTORY Softball Club will provide an incredibly competitive environment with continued development, while maintaining a healthy balance for the entire family. Practices and mini camps will be held at both indoor and outdoor facilities. The Spring season will consist of structured workouts, league play and tournaments. Scheduling and frequency of tournaments will be carefully planned with the full family in mind.  To become a proud member of the Next Level VICTORY family, please join us at one of the upcoming tryouts.    

EXPERIENCE –  With over 27 years of experience coaching players and coaches across the country, we have been able to help develop individual players, as well as improve teams & leagues using our coaching methods. There is no better time to start improving your game, than now.

“We are very excited about the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons because of our growing coaching staff and the great energy and experience they are bringing to our program. We look forward to making a positive impact that will last for years to come.” – Heath Welch


9876 Chartwell Drive
Dallas, TX 75243
(214) 302-7698


MON - FRI ...... 2pm - 9pm
SAT ................ 10am - 5pm
SUN ............... 12pm - 5pm