Get some of your buddies together to form a team and play in the NL HitTrax League starting Saturday, January 9th.  It is a 4 weeks long virtual hitting league using the HitTrax technologies which simulates a game in any MLB stadium that is scaled based on the age level of the players.  Teams of 4 – 6 players will play double header games that are 7 innings or 30 minutes long, whichever comes first. There will be a single elimination playoff on February 6th, with the prizes for the champions of each division. Simply register as an individual and either list other teammates on your team or be assigned to a team prior to the first games.  This will be a fun fast paced league to compete with the latest technologies in the game today.  Come play with us to compete, have fun, and to get more reps in before the Spring season!

12U = Coming Soon!
14U = Coming Soon!
16U = 3 – 8 teams
18U = 3 – 8 teams
Baseball Open Ages = Coming Soon!
Softball Open Ages = Coming Soon!
10am – 2pm
2pm – 6pm
6pm – 10pm
12pm – 4pm
4pm – 8pm
LEAGUE FORMAT: • 4-week regular season
• doubleheader each weekend
• games will be 7 innings or 30-minute time limit
• 8 – 11 games played hitting pitches from our pitching machines
• Home team selects MLB Stadium on HitTrax
• Prizes awarded to League Champions & Individual awards for select players
per Team
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LOCATION: Next Level Sports Group
9876 Chartwell Dr
Dallas, TX 75243
PITCHING MACHINE SPEEDS – BASEBALL: (factoring equivalent reaction times based on the MLB 60.5 ft distance)
• 35 mph at 45 ft = 47 mph (up to 10U)
• 40 mph at 45 ft = 53 mph (10U – 12U)
• 45 mph at 45 ft = 60 mph (12U – 14U)
• 50 mph at 45 ft = 67 mph (14U -16U)
• 55 mph at 45 ft = 73 mph (16U – 18U)
• 60 mph at 45 ft = 80 mph (18U, Adult, etc.)


LEAGUE PLAY: 1. Games are 30 minutes or a max of 7 innings
2. No new inning can start after 25 minutes
3. Games can end in a tie
4. There is a Run Rule of 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 after 4, 10 after 5.
5. Teams must have at least 3 players present at the start of the game or it results in a 8-0 forfeit.
6. The number of players in the lineup must be set at the start of the game and cannot be changed. If a team chooses to start the game with players from their roster that are not present, those players will record an automatic out until they arrive.
7. Each team will play a double header each week.
8. The last week of a season is a Home Run Derby and Single Elimination Playoffs.
9. Teams will be seeded prior to the playoff week.
IN GAME RULES: 1. Helmets must always be worn
2. There will be one NL staff acting as an umpire throughout the game
3. All calls by the umpire are final
4. All results by the HitTrax are final
5. There is no bunting
6. The hitting team is responsible for picking up balls in a timely manner after their ½ inning
7. Any ball that is put in play that is not tracked by HitTrax will be replayed with the same count.
8. Foul balls or obvious strikes that are not recorded by HitTrax will be marked as strikes.
9. There is zero tolerance for questioning calls, foul language, taunting or throwing of bats or helmets. This type of behavior will result in the ejection of the player from the game.


9876 Chartwell Drive
Dallas, TX 75243
(214) 302-7698


MON - FRI ...... 2pm - 9pm
SAT ................ 10am - 5pm
SUN ............... 12pm - 5pm