There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team’s roster provided all players have signed the GAME TIME SSC PLAYER REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORM.  A player must have played in at least 1 regular season game (pool games) to be eligible to play in the league post season single elimination games. It is the responsibility of all team captains to ensure players are in compliance with these policies.  Teams have up until the third week of the season to make changes to their roster.  After the third week, rosters will be frozen.  Roster changes that require additional T-Shirts will be subject to availability.  All roster changes must be communicated to and approved by the league office.


To be eligible to participate in the league, each player must complete and sign the GAME TIME SSC PLAYER REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORM. Captains are required to make sure all team members have completed and signed the GAME TIME SSC PLAYER REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORM prior to their first game.  Players not present for their team’s first game must still submit a signed waiver form prior to participating.

Players that register individually agree to the waiver policy electronically, so there is no need to submit a separate waiver form.


All GAME TIME SSC participants must be 18 years of age or older prior to their first scheduled game.

Players may only be on one roster for any given sport division on a given night.  Violation of this rule may result in removal of player from league or tournament and a possible game forfeiture for the team.

The GAME TIME SSC reserves the right to request a photo ID from any player at any time for any reason.

Roster checks will be performed by a GAME TIME SSC Coordinator or Official at the request of the challenging team.  Only individual players may be challenged.  Entire teams may not be challenged.  The challenging team must provide legitimate reasons for submitting a roster check request.  Challenging teams must report their intention to initiate a roster check to an GAME TIME SSC Official as soon as possible to ensure the preservation of playing time.   Teams lose the ability to challenge a player’s eligibility after the third game, except in the case of a late-arriving player.


We are all adults, and GAME TIME SSC expects all participants to act like it. Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in that player being ejected from the game. An ejection may result in further suspension from participation in current and/or future GAME TIME SSC sports and events. Ejected players are required to leave the playing area immediately.  Refusal to leave the playing area may result in a team forfeit and/or further suspension.  It may also result in a forceful removal by local authorities.


All GAME TIME SSC sports are intended to be recreational in the RECREATIONAL DIVISION. Any player who is deemed to be excessively competitive and/or overly aggressive may be removed from competition at the discretion of a GAME TIME SSC staff member.


GAME TIME SSC T-Shirts are your team’s uniforms.  All players must wear the appropriate color uniform with the current GAME TIME SSC front logo to participate.  Any player not wearing the appropriate uniform will be sidelined for that game unless approved by GAME TIME SSC staff.

The GAME TIME SSC T-Shirt must be worn on the outside of any jacket or sweatshirt worn during play.


Players are permitted to modify their uniforms in any way provided they do not cover up or obscure any of the logos printed on the shirts.


If a team is short the minimum number of players to play a regulation game, the game will be ruled a forfeit.


If the forfeiting team is short the minimum number of players to play an exhibition game, a $50 forfeit fine will be assessed. This fine is transferred in full in the form of a gift card or voucher to the offended team who showed up with no game to play. Provided the fine is paid on time, the offended team can collect the forfeit fine from a GAME TIME SSC Coordinator the following week.

Forfeit fines must be paid prior to the end of the offending team’s next scheduled game.  Payment can be made to a GAME TIME SSC Coordinator by either cash or check made payable to “Next Level”. Unpaid forfeit fines may result in additional forfeits and/or suspension from the league.  Teams with outstanding fines from past seasons will be barred from future registration in any GAME TIME SSC sport or event until they are paid in full.

If game forfeiture notice is submitted to GAME TIME SSC via email ( by 5:00 PM on the preceding day (Friday for weekend games), no forfeit fine will be assessed.


Whenever possible, GAME TIME SSC will separate divisions based on playing experience and/or ability. In the event multiple divisions are not possible, all players will be placed into a single division.

Division placement for all teams will be at the sole discretion of the GAME TIME SSC.

Top team finishers from the previous season may also be moved up at the discretion of the GAME TIME SSC.

Any player, or team based on the majority of their players, that is determined to be in the incorrect division may, at any point during the season, be asked to switch divisions at the discretion of the GAME TIME SSC.


Whenever possible, the GAME TIME SSC will hold a single-elimination playoff tournament after the regular season has concluded.  The number of teams to advance to this playoff tournament will vary from season to season based on team records and available venue space.  The playoff tournament may be held on a day and time other than the normal day and time of regular season games.


1. Head to Head
2. Total Runs or Points Allowed
3. Total Run or Points Scored


In the event of inclement weather or any other event that causes games to be postponed, the GAME TIME SSC will make every effort to reschedule all games. In the event of multiple cancellations, the GAME TIME SSC reserves the option to shorten the regular season and/or the play-off schedule. Make-up games may be scheduled on days other than the regularly scheduled days of the week. Neither refunds nor pro-rated refunds will be given if the season is shortened due to inclement weather or due to actions taken by the venue.



Each individual participant must be 18 years of age or older and complete & sign the GAME TIME SSC PLAYER REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORM to be eligible for participation in any league or tournament games or matches. No exceptions. Please be aware that there are inherent risks to participating in any athletic activity. Each player as a result of participation in the activities assumes all liability and risk of injury.


Coed matches are played with 6 players on the court, 2 of which must be females. More females can play without penalty. You may begin a game with as few as 4 players, 1 of which must be females. Teams will bat the entire roster and extra players may sub into the game at any time but not sub out unless injury occurs. ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR THE GAME SHIRT PROVIDED TO THEM AT REGISTRATION OR THEY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PLAY, unless otherwise approved by GAME TIME SSC staff.


RUBBER KICKBALL OR SOCCER BALL: One (1) 8″ – 13″ Kickball or Soccer will be used and provided by GAME TIME SSC. GAME Time SSC will also provide 1 official at all BoomBall games. The official’s role is to check in players, keep score and time, be the pitcher for both teams and keep control of the game including out/safe calls. It is understood that ALL PLAYERS will exhibit sportsmanship at ALL TIMES and must assist by playing by honor system rules and exit the playing field immediately upon elimination, whether called by the official or not.


All BoomBall games will be played on NLSG fields or courts. Field or court dimensions are 70’ x 36’ with field/court nets on each side and top will serving as boundaries.


All games must start on time with at least the minimum number of players allowed. A forfeit will be assessed otherwise. Entry fees will not be refunded to teams due to forfeits.


A regulation game shall consist of six (6) innings or 40 minutes, whichever comes first.  No new inning shall begin after 35 minutes have elapsed from the scheduled start of play.  If the time limit has elapsed and the inning in progress has been completed with the score remaining tied, the game will be declared a tie.


When hitting, all players must stay in the designated waiting area or on the bench waiting for their turn to hit in the batting order, unless they are at bat or on base.  Defensively, the team playing on the field or court must stay in their Infield, Outfield, Pitcher, and Catcher areas.  No player can play up in front of the Official.  Base lines are determined by a straight line between bases, and usually marked on the foul lines between Home and 1st Base, as well as Home and 3rd Base.  There are also safe Hit Lines on the ground/floor, as well as the top net, that the batted ball must reach to not be ruled an automatic out.  Batted balls that touch the Home Run Line or above on the back net is ruled as an Automatic Home Run.


Team captains will “Rock, Paper, Scissors” at the beginning of each game to determine Home Team.


Home Team will take the field with two (2) Infielders, two (2) Outfielders, one (1) Pitcher (standing behind the Official, 2 steps to the right or the left), and one (1) Catcher.


The batting order must be maintained throughout the game. You will be required to keep track of your own batting order. The leadoff batter will be designated by a wristband. The leadoff batter will alternate from hitting right-handed and left-handed each time at bat. Each player in the lineup will follow suit.


There is no walking in BoomBall! The batter may receive up to 3 “good” pitches and must put one in play or result in an out. If the batter fouls off the 3rd “good” pitch, the batter is out. The batter must have both hands on the bat while swinging.


A “good” pitch is one that bounces at least once and crosses the plate between the batter’s knees and shoulders. A “good” pitch is one that, in the opinion of the official, is hittable and does not have excessive speed or spin.


Batted balls that hit off the net are considered live and playable. If a ball is caught off the net, the batter is out. A ball hit over the yellow wall line is an automatic homerun. A ball that hits the back net in the air is an automatic double. A ball that hits the net before crossing the bunt line is an automatic out.


No leading off base. No stealing. No sliding. Baserunners must give themselves up and avoid contact with other players at all times. They may not contact, shout at or otherwise interfere with any defensive player. If a defensive player is making a play on a ball, it is the baserunner’s responsibility to avoid the defensive player. The intent is for all players to avoid contact with other players when possible in order to avoid injuries. The result for any of these infractions is an out.
Runners must stay within the baseline and fielders must stay outside the baseline. Fielders trying to make an out at the base may have their foot on the base but must lean outside the baseline to avoid contact with the runner. Runners hindered by any fielder within the baseline shall be called safe at the base to which they were running.
Tagging up. Baserunners may “tag up” on all fair and foul balls. A runner may leave the base when the ball is FIRST touched by a fielder.
Ending the play.  A play ends when all runners have STOPPED TRYING TO ADVANCE THE BASES and/or the OFFICIAL CALLS TIME. Baserunners must stop running and then advance or return to the closest base at the moment that the ball is returned to the Official from the defense (fielding team).


  • A Batter fails to put the ball in play after 3 “good” pitches;
  • The batted ball is caught before hitting the ground or back net;
  • A Base Runner is touched or “tagged” by the ball below the neck;
  • A base Runner is hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team anywhere on the body except for the head which does not touch the ground or net first;
  • The player is hit in the head after ducking, kneeling, sitting, rolling, jumping, etc.;
  • A Base Runner is forced out at a base;
  • A ball is deflected off of another ball or teammate and hits the player before touching the ground or net first;
  • If a thrown ball deflects off the defender and is caught inbounds by a teammate, the defender is saved and the thrower is out;
  • A held ball is knocked loose and dropped after deflecting a thrown ball;
  • The player steps or crosses over the center line and touches the opposing team’s court, whether intentional or otherwise.


Officials are instructed to speak with team captains only. All other players, as long as they are nice and courteous about it, can feel free to chat with the officials whenever they like. After all, Dodgeball is a social activity & all about having a good time! Players who choose to ignore this rule may be asked to leave. NLSG staff may forfeit the game if physically threatened or verbally abused by any team member or spectator speaking in support of that particular team. Team captains are responsible for the conduct of all their players and fans. Players who get ejected from any game for any reason are automatically suspended from any further participation.


The NLSG facility permits outside food and beverages so long as each team respects the facility and picks up after themselves prior to leaving. No food or beverages are allowed on the courts, no exceptions.


Please be courteous to all players, teams, and NLSG GAME TIME SSC staff. Enjoy yourself and have fun!


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